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Overview of running processes

The pure data view running processes only poorly can represent. Therefore, ResMa® also with floating image representations of processes can be completed. There are no limits of the representation of the process and the user interface allows even an operation and therefore direct interventions in the process.

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Inclusion in the object tree

The images can be linked directly to the corresponding positions in the object tree, allowing therefore an intuitive use of the navigation possibilities of the object tree.

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  • Web capability

    Also the visualization is complete implemented Web-based and without a PlugIn, and this is necessary software installations.

    Extension to the SCADA system

    The appearance of a complete SCADA solution can be extended if necessary. Refer to PROCON-WEB under


  • Powerful presentations

    The visualization builds on a wide range of controls for the appearance of

    • Number fields
    • Bar graphs
    • Symbolic representations
    • Pie charts
    • Sliders
    • Buttons
    • Slide switches
    • v.a.m

    on. The surface is fully designed and therefore requires no programming skills.

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