User experience (UX)

User experience

  • The challenge for usability and the user experience, which should delight the user, is to create intuitive interfaces that make fun when using. In addition to a beautiful design is the extensive support of many gestures that we know and are crucial for playful interaction with the devices from smartphones and tablets.

  • User interfaces

    Multitouch surfaces ensure positive user experience

PROCON-WEB supports multi touch and a very wide selection of animations and effects, and animations for the move, zoom, or focus on objects or images. Here, the full range of Web technology and the browser capabilities, accompanied by high-quality scaling effects such as shaking or overshoot when moving is covered.

Controls with many animation possibilities

A wide range of powerful controls with very many types of animation allows the quick create of beautiful and powerful interfaces with PROCON-WEB for a particular user experience. While the controls via a central Stylekonfiguration adaptable in their appearance to the corporate design of the company. A positive user experience support many configurable animation types.

The designer a comfortable drawing program, which contains lines, polygons, rectangles, ellipses with alpha-blending (transparency), fills and gradients can be created. These objects can be combined with imported bitmap graphics of various formats.