System Properties

System Properties

The innovative HMI PROCON-WEB is the ideal interface between man and machine. It is geared to the requirements of the user and does adopt the possibilities of modern technologies. Based on HTML5 and JavaScript PROCON-WEB is particularly easy to use. A normal Web browser is enough to analyze and control a single machine or the complete production process.

Support for responsive design allows the use of PROCON-WEB on all devices, starting with the stationary PC via mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and Smartphones up to innovative wearables. The data, such as the structure and navigation, be adapted according to the available size. In several languages can be used at the same time, taking into account country-specific keyboard layouts. The interaction between user and HMI support dynamic interface and control options, which already are on tablets and modern Web pages.

So, complex machinery and equipment can be controlled simply and intuitively. Prepare your HMI for the future and increase the potential of your machines – with the unique possibilities of PROCON-WEB!

Important system properties are the basis for a powerful and open system:

  • modular designModular design

    Application-specific scaling functionality

  • scalableScalability

    The supported quantity frameworks can be adapted the concrete task (-> SCADA HMI)

  • PortabilityPortability on any device

    Server components can be ported to any device

  • Dynamic interfaces Dynamic interfaces

    User interfaces such as tablets or modern Web pages

  • Device-specific interfacesResponsive design

    Support device-specific interfaces

  • Host - controlAll control systems

    Extensive range of communication drivers, incl. OPC and OPC UA and custom interfaces

  • MultilingualismMultilingualism

    Multiple languages (Unicode) at the same time and country-specific keyboard layouts.

  • Comfortable designEfficient engineering

    Convenient and efficient engineering without knowledge of Web technology

  • Style guideStyle guide

    Central management of styles for all objects and system dialogs

  • Customized & brandingBranding

    Customer-specific variants and branding are supported

The mature and proven architecture of PROCON WEB guarantees an efficient and stable system to implement sophisticated HMI/SCADA solutions!