Services for your support

The GTI offers not only innovative products for automation technology, but also the appropriate services for the optimum and efficient use. These include:

  • Consulting
  • Test settings
  • Webcast for the support of test positions
  • Hotline/support
  • Training (usually individually, you or us in the House)
  • Workshops on the improvement of user knowledge or implementation-specific requirements
  • Training for software developers to implement owner software extensions or porting/tuning of software components
  • Customization of our software products
  • Design and implementation of independent and customer-specific software solutions (starting from the requirements specification to software maintenance)
  • Support the projections of HMI/SCADA applications
  • Conceptual design and implementation (up to commissioning) of HMI prototypes for new machines to complex SCADA applications (SCADA, BDE, MES / ERP integration)
  • Development and test of HMI concepts (design, usability, functionality)
  • Construction and management of cloud solutions

If you miss, services, contact us please. We want to make our customers completely satisfied.


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