Run-time system

PROCON-WEB server & client – runtime system

  • Between machine and user, the PROCON-WEB server serves as a communication hub. The server components can be ported to different operating systems and devices. Powerful SCADA components for the Windows environment are also available as compact libraries for CoDeSys systems. The heart of the external communication represents the Web server, which provides the user interface as WebRuntime using JavaScript and HTML5 for any devices.

  • The operation, evaluation, and maintenance of the machines using the PROCON-WEB client. This is the PROCONWEB server to Web browser access and is platform independent and adapted to the existing resolution through responsive design optimal user interface. Can be operated intuitively. The appearance of the user interface can be completely designed according to customer requirements, as well the functions for each group of users can be set individually.

System development of PROCON-WEB - runtime system

PROCON-WEB system building

Run-time system