ResMa®-energy management for the industry

In addition to the listed pages on the subject of energy management, the GTI has its own website on which our solution on the subject of EnMS is represented significantly more comprehensive. There is also several examples of solutions.

What does the name ResMa® mean?

GTI-controls number of industrial software solutions relies on abbreviated product name. But what is actually the name of ResMa®? The name with the development of the first cross-site Energiemanagmentsystems was introduced. But it is in addition to energy and resources management for flexibility, individuality, efficiency and process optimization – conserve resources.

With ResMa®, the GTI offers an innovative, Web-based system for cross-site detection and evaluation of measured values from different measurement and control systems. This is more than a pure energy management, E.g. because also production data can be evaluated.

In addition, our main development goal to relieve the energy Manager in his work and to support the underlying team was. Therefore there are many functions for automatic monitoring and analysis of records and comprehensive way of documenting events and projects in our EnMS, such as the PDCA cycles.

With our energy management system, we would like to make a contribution to the conservation of resources and offer an innovative solution as the basis for process optimization in companies and organizations.

Web-based energy management system for the industry

Web-based energy management system for the industry

Energy management, open for all measurement and control systems and with extensive analysis possibilities for the flow of energy. For all browsers can be used, even on Smartphones.

System overview ResMa as inter-site EnMS

System overview ResMa as inter-site EnMS

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Interview with Mr Schreck on ResMa