ResMa Server

ResMa® Server


  • Regardless of whether you rebuild an energy management system, extend, or want to replace – ResMa® is an open system with many integration possibilities and is suitable for quick start as well as the expansion of existing facilities. The comprehensive software solution and the multiple possibilities of integration into the existing technology, the design of the system of ResMa® is very flexible and easy.

    ResMa system is installed on its own server or as a virtualized purely server based and requires no software installation on the client because all evaluations directly through a browser (HTML5, all manufacturers).

    ResMa® has full functionality, server across multiple locations can be used and has the possibility of direct data collection, as well as the separately installed data logger.

    The system can be in the supported quantity with regard the data points to be processed are scaled in the number of at the same time allowed users in many levels and upgraded at a later date.

  • System structure

    System structure

  • The server hardware requirements

    The typical ResMa® use typically takes place through the installation of the software on a central server via remote access by an employee of the GTI. This could be to:

    • a customer Server
    • a virtual machine
    • on a dedicated host

    With an ResMa® available over the Internet used installation, of a separate profile is created for each user.

  • Requirements for the host:

    • Compact system for 3 users and up to 500 measurements: core i3, 4 GB memory, Windows 7/8
    • Comprehensive system for large amounts of data and number of users: CPU: 1-2 x Quad core, 16 GB of main memory, Windows 2012 Server

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