ResMa connector

System structure

Flexible system design: an open system with many integration possibilities

Regardless of whether you rebuild an energy management system, extend, or want to replace – ResMa® is an open system with many integration possibilities and is suitable for quick start as well as the expansion of existing facilities. The comprehensive software solution and the multiple possibilities of integration into the existing technology, the design of the system of ResMa® is very flexible and easy.

System overview ResMa 2015

Three system variants

  • ResMa® compact; low-cost entry-level solution ready installed on compact DIN rail PC
  • ResMa® server: standard software to the Central installations on a server or a virtual machine
  • ResMa® cloud: use on a rental basis on a Web server

Three variants of the data acquisition

  • Direct connection of measurement technology to the server
  • ResMa®-connector DIN rail PC
  • ResMa® connector as a software library for modular compact controllers from Beckhoff or Wago