ResMa compact

ResMa® compact


  • To begin the easiest way with ResMa®, the initial solution is ResMa Compact with its own hardware. A compact hardware offers a low-cost variant for installation in the control cabinet as a server and at the same time as a connector for connecting MODBUS-RTU or meters based Modbus-TCP. The system is suitable hundreds PTS to capture and evaluate, at up to three clients (users) at the same time. The creation of energy meters of from different manufacturers is very easy user interface, and vendor-specific templates.

  • ResMa compact

  • Entry level solution

    Entry level solution

  • The robust IPC is equipped with a Windows 7 embedded operating system and features a powerful quad-core CPU and an SSD. The device works without a fan and has a low power consumption during operation with 24-volt power supply. The integrated RS482 interface is MODBUS-RTU meters directly to the port. A network interface is for connecting Modbus-TCP meters, the other is prepared for integration into the network.

    ResMa® is already installed, so that only the IP address and the communication information for the connection of the counter must be defined for fast commissioning. All usual counter mode RTU (RS485) or Modbus TCP (Ethernet) can be connected.

The software can be expanded later on an extended quantity or order additional services. If a great solution is desired, the licensing costs are recognised and the DIN rail PC can be converted as a local data collector.

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