ResMa cloud

ResMa cloud

ResMa® cloud solution: all functions quickly and take advantage of cheap

  • Besides the possibility to acquire a ResMa® base license and to operate them on your own server ResMa® cloud can be used as a cheap variant in the form of a rental model. You can access back as a customer on a ResMa® installation, which is hosted for the GTI with a leading provider in Germany, and frees you from the construction and operation of a server.

    The ResMa® surface can be used for analysis or optimization without software installation from any location via PC, Smartphone or tablet.


    ResMa® cloud rental model

    ResMa® cloud 100 for up to 100 readings and 3 user
    ResMa® cloud 200 for up to 200 measurement values and 3 user
    ResMa® cloud 500 for up to 500 measurements and 3 user
    ResMa® cloud > 500 Switch to your own license

    Should increase the amount of information, we recommend to switch to on a separate software installation and credit 50% of the rental costs paid until then for the license.


  • ResMa cloud

    ResMa cloud

    For quick start with low investment costs:

    • quick introduction
    • without software installation
    • Server available directly
    • low costs and monthly rent

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