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Integrated reporting

  • ResMa® has a built-in report generator. This allows in a straightforward way to create all standard reports. While the report generator is confined not only to the usual table representations (which already covers the pivot), but allows for example the integration of representations of curves or cakes. So, freely designed reports can be interactively created and maintained.

    Reports are generated page-oriented and can span multiple pages. The required time ranges are interactively selected for use of a report.

  • Reports

Support for reports

  • The GTI provides the create of a report as a service to template. For example, we from an Excel template or a has been manually created report and you set your desired report via remote maintenance. How to get fast and easily to your monthly reports. In this way, complex special reports available that require very extensive data links and therefore require knowledge of SQL query language and the Telerik report tool.

  • Reports

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