Cloud solutions

ResMa is the GTI’s answer for a cloud or on-premise software solution for the Central Web-based evaluation and documentation of data from distributed systems. Here, PROCON-WEB installations serve as intelligent data collectors with own Web interface or the ResMa connector as a configurable data collector.


Public cloud

ResMa is installed on a Windows Server of an Internet service provider or the externally hosted multi-tenant ResMa installation of the GTI used (as a rental solution). In both cases, secure VPN connections are set up for the connection of the data collector and the cloud is accessed via encrypted connection (SSL). While only the own data can be seen – the other clients are not accessible. For each client/user, are assigned their own URLs and manage their own users with their rights.

Private cloud

ResMa is within the domain of the customer on its own (virtual) server and is responsible for the permissions and encrypted data connections completely within the sphere of responsibility of the operator.

Many application areas

Flexible and cost-effective design of the system in combination with a wide range of appropriate hardware platforms opens up a range of application possibilities. Talk to us about your specific task. We advise you gladly regarding System design and selection of the optimal components.