• PROCON-WEB is the innovation in the field of HMI. Invest in a future-oriented system that is easily customizable through its modular design.

    PROCON-Web, get a solution for platform-independent user interfaces, which is based exclusively on HTML5 and JavaScript and open up support for smartphones and tablets. So you are prepared for the integration into the customer’s production environment.

    PROCON-WEB supports dynamic user interfaces and multi touch. So can create user interfaces elating you through simple design, as you know by modern Web applications, or APPs. You can scroll page content or wipe out between pages change. Color changing or moving items can be equipped with soft transitions. In addition, there is a surface with exploitable and free-to-map tiles, similar to Windows 8.

    PROCON-WEB has many communication interfaces such as Siemens, Rockwell, Beckhoff, B & R,… MES – OPC UA about the future-oriented interface for coupling of any control systems or (as a server) to parent, and ERP systems.

    PROCON-WEB is comprehensive Know-How in industrial software development with a focus on user interfaces. The GTI has implemented the third generation of HMI / SCADA solution with over 25 years of experience and with PROCON-WEB.

    With our knowledge, we support you in implementing your specific requirement or in the adaptation of our software on special platforms. Thus, customized solutions for modern and platform-independent user interfaces for a wide variety of systems are simply feasible.

    Here you will find our Produktinfomation to PROCON-WEB

  • Web-based
    customisable modular system
    pouring hundreds of man years of experience in a product
    unique price/performance ratio

    PROCON-WEB video

    Procon-Web video

    PROCON-WEB demo

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