Peak load management

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  • Avoid peak loads

    The electricity tariffs are often affected by sporadic power peaks. This calls for a capping of power tips. The challenge is that the current production will not be affected or it comes to a reduction or a partial stoppage of production. Preconditions are consumers who can be turned off at least for a short time. Non-production-related systems – such as air conditioning management – or such can be, who can work buffered and therefore be turned off for a limited period of time. A powerful peak load management must be able to capture all influencing sizes and from it derive the optimal strategy of shedding.

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  • Powerful algorithm

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  • To achieve the minimal impairment of production, it is necessary to have a sophisticated algorithm with many parameter, which can be optimally adapted to the specific needs of the company.

    To all eligible consumer must be detected and configured with regard to their requirements. While priorities, minimum transit times, and many other parameters are configured that an optimum system performance can be achieved. ResMa® knows no limit the number of managed consumers, thereby improves as the possibilities for a conflict-free system behavior, even under difficult conditions.

  • Monitoring and optimization

    So that the parameters of the algorithm can be adjusted optimally ResMa® supported with comprehensive logging and analysis options. For one, the complete history with all load airdrops can be seen as also the straight running cycle.

    Flexible hardware components

    The hardware necessary for peak load limits for synchronization with the network, the acquisition of the power-up state of systems and the dropping calls is made via a programmable controller. While the signals over the network directly with various machine control systems can be exchanged.

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