PDCA cycles

PDCA cycles PDCA cyclesPDCA cycles

  • Objectives of EN 50,001

    EN 50,001 wants to achieve, that is a company continuously to a reduction of energy demand and an energy efficiency efforts. These include – after an in-depth analysis of the flows of energy whose plausibility check – concrete measures to be taken in the form of PDCA cycles.

    ResMa® supports PDCA cycles in which concrete measures can be managed by the system. The projects defined and are in addition to the concerned measure information made to the measurement period after implementation of the optimization and a period prior to taking action. Thus, appropriate periods of equal production or same season can be compared.


    PDCA cycles

  • Directly readable results

    ResMa® determines the concrete result and it represents. The energy Manager can adjust the status of the PDCA cycle and comment. The system maintains a list of the PDCA activities and it therefore has a good overview on the previously made optimizations and the results.

    Also the currently running PDCA cycles can be displayed in the cockpit.

  • PDCA cycles

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