Operation with multi touch

Control and monitoring with multitouch

Simple user management and safe operation of the plant are requested by an HMI system. PROCON-WIN 5 with flying colors meets these requirements.

  • Graphical representation of the process flow
    -Display of process values through simple up to complex, sliding, and changing the size of objects
    -Individual display user interfaces by integrating external vector or bitmap graphics
    -Integration of videos illustrating simplified procedures

  • Operating concepts
    -Operation via touch screen
    -Operation via function keys
    -Operation via mouse and keyboard control

Multi touch

Modern industrial PCs, as known from smartphones, support multi touch and allow as a more convenient and intuitive to use. For the first time, a multi touch support for industrial applications is available with PROCON-WIN 5. There are two finger operations, E.g. If the change of process values, support for zooming in diagrams or as enabling function. Besides wiping functions allow the moving image and can be used in slide or knurling wheel adjustments.

  • Maximum usability with intuitive and clearly structured management is the prerequisite for the simple and error-free operation of a system. All customer expectations can be covered with the support of all common control techniques such as soft keys, mouse and touch screen (also with multi touch). The wide range of controls supports various gestures or Multitouch gestures. Thus, complex user interfaces can be operated easily.

    The user management system with the deposited structure of rights protects against unauthorized tampering; the examination of all the inputs for limit values prevents incorrect value entries. In addition, all entries are logged with (Audi-trail) and can be traced.

  • Two-hand operation

    Two-hand operation

    Two-hand operation (multitouch gesture) to secure change of critical parameters or as enabling switches to activate or Shutdown functions, to prevent unintentional incorrect operation.

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