Multilingual features

Multilingual – PROCON-WIN speaks all languages

  • PROCON-WIN online supports switching between five languages at the same time. It support with Asian character sets. The design is very easy. You create the project in a language and can all articles using export as take in a multi-column spreadsheet, which can be simply translated and played back into the project. Multilingual features can not be easier!

  • Multilingual features

    Multilingual – management and switching between any languages uni-code

Country-specific touch keyboards

PROCON-WIN offers country-specific touch keyboard for comfortable typing text or numbers. These different representations are available, which can be designed each of the Styledefinition: form and color of the buttons and the background. These include country-specific keyboard layouts and special input options, such as Pinyin for applications in China.

Multilingual features

Country-specific keyboards in the style of the project

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