Competition and production in a changing

  • We are in the international competition with countries that partly have a fraction of the cost of the staff and still have modern technologies and increasing expertise. This we can compensate only, that the production more effectively and thus increasingly be is controlled by software. As a result, everyone in the production environment is facing software.

    This requires user interfaces, covering all age groups, all mentalities, and all languages. Of course need the UI while your best task-oriented and thus easier be manageable.

    A modern HMI must accommodate the individual needs and requirements of the system manufacturer next to it.

  • Motivation - where is the future?

    Where is the future?

The software environment shifts

  • PCs / notebooks have passed their zenith and the Smartphones and tablets have taken the IT world. More and more tasks are easier and more effectively through mobile devices run, which complemented the classic PC solutions by and sometimes even replaced.

    Moreover, the high performance of low-cost embedded solutions (for example Raspberry II), also classical PC-based solutions can cost-effectively replace.

    As a result, future-oriented software solutions on different platforms and operating systems must be compatible.

  • Motivation - PROCON-WEB supports a wide range of smart devices

    PROCON-WEB supports a wide range of smart devices

These were the motivations for the GTI to build PROCON WEB as largely platform-independent software. This is met by the 100% neutral platform client of that takes over all tasks required for the representation and update information and compact, portable to different platforms server components.