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Plant model

  • Within ResMa® the object tree has a central role, because it defines a plant model. The energy Manager can create his vision of the outline for all collected and calculated sizes in it. According to the sites any arbitrary structuring for example can in the form of buildings, areas and equipment or Consumers must be applied. There are different icons for the visualization of the selection. The actual measured values are created below this outline elements.

    The object tree, all data points in a clear outline are available and can be used as simple drag & drop diagrams or tables. In addition visualizations can be selected in the object tree directly.

    The object tree supports two models: the above system model and the energy flow model, in which consumers in their hierarchical structure are listed. This is the basis for the analysis of the energy flow.

    User-specific attributes and categories

    To facilitate the evaluations – specifically about the pivot – data points can be fitted with custom attributes. So you can E.g. Cost centers or inventory numbers bind to objects, which can be later used for filtering or outline. The same applies to categories that can be assigned freely.

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Users and rights

Unlimited number of users can be created for each ResMa® installation. The filigree rights system enables a fine-grained assignment of rights, which allows also limiting data access to certain offices in addition to the limit of functionality.

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