Machine in the industry 4.0

The machine in the environment industry 4.0

  • Industry 4.0 provides a very strong network of getting smarter as devices with each other. This replaces the previous doctrine of very elaborate vertical integration of complex MES systems at least in part. Future machines to communicate independently with their environment and can individually be networked in the production environment. To do this, information from and for the machine must be available to all persons involved in the production process.

    In addition to direct connections in desktop PCs, Tablet, PDA terminals and Smartphones can used to other IT systems. According to customized interfaces must be available for each task and for this preferred device. The HMI as IT headquarters of the machine plays a strong role, because it is responsible for the managing and the exchange of data.

    Of course the necessary safety aspects were taken into account by the GTI, to prevent unauthorized access or manipulation of data.

  • Machine in the industry 4.0

    The local cloud (intranet) of the company is the integration platform for Web services of different devices and machines

    PROCON-WEB is equipped with a comprehensive security concept.

    PROCON-WEB is equipped with a comprehensive security concept.

Check the community platform by BITCOM, VDMA and ZVEI or the articles of our Managing Director Achim Schreck for the four zero magazine is this!

Requirements for a modern HMI

To meet the outlined requirements, HMIs must cover the following requirements:

  • Web-based interfaces that can run on all platforms without PlugIns
  • Device-specific surfaces (responsive design)
  • Support modern and dynamic surfaces with multi touch support
  • Good support for large database applications (orders, recipes, logs, maintenance management, batch tracing,…)
  • Rights system that supports non-hierarchical and slender structures
  • Advanced connectivity via OPC UA Server and client

PROCON-WEB is designed so that these requirements are covered!