HMI 4th generation

What are the requirements has an HMI 4. Generation cover?

As so far the interface between man and machine, but

  • between very many people with different tasks, skills and cultures
  • too many and different devices
  • to very complex machines/devices with many different processes and parameters
  • involved in a complex IT environment
  • with higher demand for customization and extensions
  • with low overhead for creation and maintenance
  • runs on a wide variety of devices

PROCON-Web, we have defined these requirements as a basis for development and selected the necessary technology and structure as the basis of a powerful solution. A HMI 4. Generation is ready for the future needs of HMI and thus a future-proof investment.

Important components are:

  • pure Web technology ensures platform independence
  • Responsive designs for customized device user interfaces
  • custom extensible solution to meet specific needs
  • configurable solution that can be no developer skills required and maintained with little effort

HMI 4.Generation