Energy analysis

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  • Only analyses lead to new insights

    The analysis of energy records are the basis for improving efficiency, or for avoiding unnecessary energy use. While comparing the records with the expected behavior and seeks missing matches to explain. Supplementary information about the operating condition of the equipment or other influencing sizes are very helpful. It can process calculated values to EnPIs or KPIs which enables further analysis or automatic alarms.

  • Line graph

    The classic and knowledge-rich representation is still the curve diagram. So much was placed at ResMa® values on a powerful and intuitive diagram. The operation is extremely easy: from the object tree measured variables are represented in the Diagrammgezogen and immediately. Scales and a legend are generated automatically. The representations can however regarding the form (line, bar, curve,…) and colors are adjusted.

  • For the simplified analysis, min, Max, average and total value are displayed for all measures if necessary. Surveying is a ruler available.

    Diagrams can be saved as profiles for themselves or for anyone else. Can the time range absolutely (for a specific situation) or relative (E.g. current week) are stored. An export function allows a deployment as a pdf or the external processing with Excel.

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  • Pivot

    An interactively usable table representation can be used to quickly create of simple reports or evaluations. Also here the desired size from the object tree in the table be drawn and can the attached attributes (E.g. Area affiliation or cost center) merged and sorted.

    Energy flow analysis

    A special performance by ResMa® lies in the simple analysis of energy flows. In the hierarchy of the energy flow is modeled in the energy flow view of the object tree. The measured energy value is assigned to each consumer. Either an average performance and its hours of operation will be used for the inappropriate consumption departures or even a direct measurement of the propagation time. This leads to a representation of the absolute and percentage distributions over several levels, which can be represented in the form of a Sankeydiagramms.

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