Embedded & customized HMI / SCADA solutions

Embedded solutions

  • With the new PROCON-WEB-IoT version, the GTI has created an easily portable solution for embedded applications. Where a compact variant of the PROCON-WEB server node.js is realized on the basis of JavaScript. With the election of node.js is this variant on many operating systems, such as Linux, without further adjustments immediately runs.

  • The graphic shows the structure of the system.


As with the Windows or CoDeSys variant, an application is projected with the designer. Order to take into account the specific function cover by PROCON-WEB-IoT, this variant as a target is selected. On the functionality of the interface that has no effect, only the services regarding Data management and the scripting are (still) limited. Thus, projects are cross-operating system compatible with each other.

As a hardware platform for a server, an embedded device such as a raspberry sufficiently is PI I. When communicating with the control environment is an OPC UA client available. In addition, is disclosed in addition to MODBUS RTU and Modbus TCP yet an internal interface for proprietary drivers and documented. On the basis of its own control environment can be integrated.

PROCON WEB IoT has standard connectors in the cloud, including MQTT and can very easily as data collectors are used for different cloud solutions.

The GTI offers you support when configuring an appropriate platform, and integrate of your own communication drivers. First prototypes are available for tests, a release will be available towards the end of the first quarter of 2017.

Customized solutions

PROCON-WEB has a modular design and offers many possibilities of customization. The standard system already covers the integration of custom controls with the help of the PROCON-WEB Designer. In addition, restrictions or extensions for custom targets can be made.

The designer is customizable with custom logo and splash screen and can be controlled via a commando API by another application. This includes for example the automatic import tag information from an external system or the creation of a new project. There is also the ability to define custom project templates for a simple design for certain environments.

The GTI support in all matters regarding the customization of designer and server and can integrate into existing environments.

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