Efficient engineering


Efficient engineering

Intuitive interfaces make for easy operation of even more complex machines. The user interface must be self-explanatory, clearly structured and well designed. The conception of a good HMIs is therefore user-centered. Only after user roles and their responsibilities are set, the task-oriented interface that will be implemented.

The PROCON-WEB designer planning tool supports you in the development and configuration of your own HMI, taking into account user roles and tasks and includes a built-in style guide to the central configuration of your specific design. Create with PROCON-WEB user interfaces that inspire!

The modular structure of the PROCON-WEB enables optimal adaptation of the HMI to the different system configurations or hardware and software platforms. The high scalability and the extensive range of communication drivers like OPC and OPC UA, as well as customer-specific interfaces are ideal, to implement any more complex task – whether as a simple HMI or SCADA system. We call it „Efficient engineering“ with one clear objective: to be able to easily create powerful HMI projects and maintain.

PROCON-WEB has been incorporated the experience from numerous customer projects and many HMI studies, supplemented by our know-how of several generations of HMI and modern Web technology. Therefore, there is a wide range of high-performance and continuously adaptable controls available, which can be adapted to your corporate design.

Are our specialists in designing and implementing your own HMI to assist and support the development of future-oriented HMI concepts about the port up to individual extensions.