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  • Centrally collect information

    Information is the basis of effective energy management. These include of course the energy readings and process necessary for their evaluation and state variables. In particular but it is the own observations and analyses that are necessary for active energy management. So that they are available and understandable for the whole team of EnMS, this guide also within of EnMS should be managed. Therefore, ResMa® supports different ways to feed information to the system and to make available for evaluations.

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Comment by load curves

The simplest and close this option is to select a curve segment is directly on a chart and to write a meaningful comment. Thus, the complete context of the observation is available and visible for the other party, what insight.

  • Correct value records

    It happens time and again that electronically captured values are not correct. This could be a faulty sensor or misconfiguration, where z. B. the pulse valency of a S0-counter were specified incorrectly. Therefore, there are extensive correction possibilities to these values to make valid or to delete. All of these changes are documented (while retaining the original values) and can be equipped with additional justifications.

  • Write documentation

    Each user on the energy management system can compose their own documentation and set to any participant in the system. This can for example be made directly from a graph that can be further supplemented and adjusted then also used as reference. These documentaries are built into the meaning of a blog, where the addressee can easily provide feedback. A point of view with all pending documentation can be displayed in the cockpit.

    These documentaries are the basis for communication in the EnMS team, which has an efficient tool for the documentation and processing of information within a system.

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