Data acquisition

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As device-independent software provider in the field ofImage - Datenerfassung1 industrial automation is our ultimate goal of openness to all measuring systems and industrial control systems. For this purpose we offer a very wide range of communication drivers and to integrate the possibility via OPC or OPC-UA-specific communication components from third-party.

Thus, existing counter modules can be connected. For new measurement technology, the device provider best for the task each can be selected. Also, very individual options for the coupling of sensors and measurement technology are given about modular small controls, also with integrated control option.


  • Coupling to machine control systems and control technology

    Data from the production process as a basis for the creation of KPIs or for a profound analysis of the process coupling can machine controls or to existing control technology offers completely new possibilities to attract. Here, a batch – or product-oriented data acquisition is possible. So, besides the cyclically read energy, second all associated values recorded consumption and quality values for job changes and stored with the charge indicator (job name or recipe name). This allows concrete analyses of the energy efficiency of production of certain products or on different lines.

    Manual entry of data

    During the construction of EnMS, the first stage of development of the metrology should not too deep go to avoid unnecessary cost. Only with extraction enhanced insights, the measurement should be extended. This requires that just media need the expensive technology, such as Gas are initially evaluated by hand reading. Also measuring series with mobile data loggers can be captured and brought into the system via import.


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    Transfer from databases

    Counter systems are already installed, with their own data collection of other manufacturers can this be so operated and a data transfer be carried out 'Tapping' the database. There is also the possibility to import counter values collected by the RUS from their Web server.

Decoupling of data logger

A cross-site building or complex network structures data logger are useful for decoupling the data acquisition. While all over many days data failure, even if the Internet or the network infrastructure or the server is temporarily unavailable. This increases the security of the data acquisition and minimizes the traffic on the network.

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