Coupling of controls

Coupling of controls

A wide range of standard drivers for the communication is available for PROCON-WEB, which covers the coupling of common control systems:

  • Siemens (TCP/IP RFC1002/RFC1006, MPI, 3964R OPC-UA)
  • Rockwell (Ethernet/IP)
  • 3S (CoDeSys, V2, and V3)
  • Beckhoff (TwinCAT ADS)
  • B & R (PVI and OPC-UA)
  • Schneider (TCP/IP)
  • Mitsubishi (TCP/IP)
  • SAIA (PCD)

In addition, various vendor-independent protocols are implemented:

  • MODBUS RTU (various control and metering, such as Siemens Sentron 3200 Janitza SAIA Burges, Gossen Metrawatt,…)
  • Modbus-TCP (various PLCs, controllers, and energy measuring systems such as Siemens Sentron 4200, Janitza, Schneider,…)

Open standards for communication

In addition to the own – very efficient – communication drivers that standard interfaces is available with OPC for open communication, about the more than 500 different systems can be coupled. Thus, PROCON-WEB is open for third-party communication driver.

OPC UA communication standard for industry 4.0

The new platform-independent communication standard is the preferred interface for industry 4.0. In addition to the classic Exchange tags can be exchanged arbitrary objects and functions performed. Thus OPC-UA will also become the standard for MES and ERP coupling.


OPC-UA open, platform-independent communication standard

We have much experience in the implementation of communication drivers for the docking of any system and can realize even special protocols via our open defined drivers interface with little effort. In addition, there is the possibility that adjust on basis of our toolkits own communications software to PROCON-WEB!