Calculated sizes

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EnPIs and KPIs

Parameters are the basis for efficient energy management, where the energy Manager can leave a large part of the monitoring tasks and base analyses the system. To do this, EnPIs (energy performance indicator) or key performance indicators (KPIs) are generated. ResMa® realized that any stored data features. With any selection of readings with fundamental operations of arithmetic and factors can be linked to any. For advanced users, you can extend the range over arbitrary SQL statements for the integration of complex database queries. Thus are almost unlimited possibilities for calculated sizes available.

  • Calculated sizes

  • Class instance concept

    Complex systems or for example ResMa® has implemented a type class-instance approach to derived quantities to support a branch system effectively. This calculated values not only an object, but all objects can be generated automatically, in which identical parameters are available. Thus, KPIs can be created with a formula for thousands of branches or machines.

    Computing values in the object tree

    All data values are represented in the object tree similar to the detected values, but with a different icon and can be used also by drag & drop in charts or reports.

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