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Discharge of energy Manager

  • With the number of recorded values and the resulting deduced EnPIs is it the energy Manager always more time-consuming the concrete course for compliance with the expected course of a measurement to compare. For industrial applications with several thousand values or in chains with over 100,000 measurements, this is impossible. Therefore, a system of support for the automatic monitoring of values was recorded in ResMa®.

    Simple parameterization

    Several monitoring functions can be associated with each measured value. It can monitor both the lower and the upper limit of a reading or a KPI.

    This can both day-specific time periods are specified as also on or exclusions from the configurable calendars. Very strong time-dependent functions can be defined by assigning multiple monitoring functions on a reading.

  • Monitoring

  • Complex plausibility checks

    Powerful data parsing rules are usable for the detection of significantly more complex injuries of conformity. The analysis ausgehführten of the database can be specifically configured and called cyclically. So you can E.g. Load peaks in curves curves the system recognize or recognize continuous increase of consumption if the ventilation filters.

    Fault notification

    The monitoring functions and data analyses lead to errors, which in turn can be reported immediately by fault forwarding when the rule is violated. Thus, timely reactions to deviations from the expected are behavior possible, without the energy Manager must be constantly active on the system.

  • Monitoring