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In ResMa®, there are several sources of interference: externally reported errors, which by a connector as be recorded via a control connection and internal disorders, for example be recognized in the framework of a measured value monitoring. In both cases, a recording and storing in the system takes place. Only an indication of the corresponding object in the object tree could be due to the stored parameter, or also a redirection of error E.g. via SMS or email. If the error is subject to confirmation, an acknowledgment is required before the active status is reset.

  • Redirect

    For the transmission of noise are addressed with their connection data. Mapping to functional locations (trades) and branches errors not only to competent staff, but also to external service providers can be pass, which are responsible for certain trades and branches.

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  • Disorder list and Protocol

    The fault history is logged by the system, and there is also a list of active or yet unacknowledged errors in addition to the complete history. This can for example be recorded in the cockpit or be accessed via Smartphone.

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